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Hire a GolfRole VA 

Why not use a VA to take the stress out of recruiting? offers recruitment VA's, paid hourly, who streamline the recruitment process efficiently. We handle CV screening, we coordinate with recruitment agencies, we manage initial candidate contact, we are able to maintain databases, post job advertisements, schedule interviews, follow up with candidates, perform reference checks, and document all recruitment activities reporting back to you.


This comprehensive support frees up time for hiring managers to focus on making informed decisions. For more information, contact Recruitment VA Service.

At, we have partnered with a number of recruitment VA's. Your business will have a one on one relationship with a VA, paid on an hourly rate. This process can be immensely helpful in recruitment and managing candidates' CVs in several ways:


1. CV Screening: Our VAs at can go through incoming CVs, those already sent to the client, and in-house applications, filtering out irrelevant applications based on predefined criteria, and shortlisting candidates who meet the required qualifications and experience.


2. Recruitment Agencies: Our VAs will liaise with outside recruitment agencies on your behalf, preparing job descriptions and screening CVs when they are submitted.


3. Initial Contact: Our VAs can reach out to shortlisted candidates via email or phone to schedule interviews, conduct preliminary screenings, or gather additional information as needed.


4. Database Management: If required, our VAs can organise and maintain your database of candidate CVs, ensuring easy access and retrieval when needed. This includes updating candidate profiles with relevant information or feedback from interviews.


5. Job Postings and Advertisement:'s VAs can assist in posting job openings on various platforms, including, managing job boards, and monitoring responses to advertisements.


6. Scheduling Interviews:'s VAs can help coordinate interview schedules between candidates and hiring managers, which can be extremely time-consuming. Our VAs can handle this task efficiently, ensuring smooth communication and timely arrangements.


7. Follow-up: After interviews,'s VAs can send follow-up emails to candidates, provide feedback, or convey next steps in the recruitment process.


8. Reference Checks: At, our VAs can assist in conducting reference checks by contacting provided references and documenting their feedback.


9. Documentation and Reporting: Our service can include maintaining records of recruitment activities, such as candidate profiles, interview summaries, and hiring status updates. This helps in tracking progress and generating reports as needed.


By taking care of these administrative tasks, our VAs can free up valuable time for hiring managers and recruiters, allowing them to focus on assessing candidates' qualifications and making informed hiring decisions.


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