top of page was built with a love and a passion for the industry which is at the centre of all we do. We will remain independent and will never belong to an ATS system. This gives us control over our website and allows us to bespoke the experience of both the candidates and the recruiters. 

Terms of Business

GOLFROLE.COM will remain free until 1st April 2023. We will NEVER charge the candidates. From 1st April we will charge £49.95 per 3 week posting. 


Our offices can be contacted on

The Recruiters Promises

The recruiter or advertiser is solely responsible for guaranteeing that all content submitted to is true, accurate, up-to-date and not misleading or likely to mislead or deceive and that it is not discriminatory, offensive, defamatory, obscene or otherwise illegal, unlawful or in breach of any applicable legislation, guidelines, regulations or codes of practice or the copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property rights of any person in any jurisdiction.

The recruiter or advertiser must not use any name, logo, identification, address, telephone number or any other type of information that could be misleading that does not belong to them or their company.

We reserve the right to remove any information supplied by you from at our sole discretion, at any time and for any reason without being required to give any explanation.


We may terminate your access to the site if you are proven to be using indecent wording or trying to promote the use of illegal products. We reserve the right to do this at our own discretion without explanation or reason. As the site is free until JANUARY 2023, no funds will be refunded, however after this point we will only charge for what has been used and not for the agreed term.

Information on this Site

The information on the site is of that advertised by the recruiter. We except no liability for misleading candidates with regards to any of the roles or positions or placements advertised on We accept no liability arising from any inaccuracy in any of the posts on All posts come directly from the recruiter and are only checked for spelling and grammar and not for what they promote, promise or state. We will not advertise roles in any illegal trades.


We accept no liability for any loss (whether direct or indirect, for loss of business, revenue or profits, wasted expenditure, corruption or destruction of data or for any other indirect or consequential loss whatsoever) arising from your use of the site and we hereby exclude any such liability, whether in contract, tort (including for negligence) or otherwise. We hereby exclude all representations, warranties and conditions relating to this website and your use of it to the maximum extent permitted by law.

You agree to indemnify us and keep us indemnified against all costs, expenses, claims, losses, liabilities or proceedings arising from use or misuse by you of this site.

You must notify us immediately if anyone makes or threatens to make any claim against you relating to your use of this site.

Your Use of this Site

The site is to be used solely for the purpose of promoting roles and / or seeking employment.

You must not under any circumstances seek to undermine the security of the site or any information submitted to or available through it. You must not seek to access, alter or delete any information to which you do not have authorised access, take any action or use any device, routine or software to crash, delay, damage or otherwise interfere with the operation of this site or attempt to decipher, disassemble or modify any of the software, coding or information comprised in the site.

Content Rights

The brand, logo and identification is owned by the shareholders and must not be copied and used. This site is protected by international copyright, software and trademark laws and you agree to use this site in a way which does not infringe these rights.

If you wish to use our brand on any promotional material, talks, presentations or advertisements, please contact us at and we will send you the relevant material in high res if we feel appropriate.

Interruptions and Omissions in Service is constantly being analysed by our team and we take our service very seriously. We cannot however promise that the service will not fail, crash or become unavailable in rare circumstances.

We do not accept any liability for the loss of service due to technical reasons with regards to internet and server instability.

We will always do our best to resume service as quickly as possible.

Choice of Law and Jurisdiction

The use of this website and any agreements entered into through this website are to be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The courts of England are to have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or any agreement made through this website.

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